postcards from beirut

Postcards from Beirut is an artistic court-bouillon in continuous boiling. Its ingredients include: Goyangi soju, phosphores and cones, audio and video, postnuclear bombs, radio waves, gamma rays, latex and vynyl, lye, sarcasm. Postcards from Beirut is useful in case of: boredom, rheumatism, virus, apathy.

Dispatches from the lagoon’s rim. #0

Stiamo preparandoci a partire per il Pirate Camp. All’interno degli zaini supponiamo si sia creata la massa critica. A seguire, dispacci dall’orlo della laguna.

We’re preparing to leave for the Pirate Camp. A critical mass is starting up inside our backpacks, we guess. Dispatches from the lagoon’s rim are to follow. PfB

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